Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Another beautiful weekend spent skiing in the Rocky Mountains. Perfect weather, great snow, friendly people, and breathtaking scenery. I find myself sometimes forgetting how lucky we are to live here. This trip, I made it a point to comment on the amazing snow-capped peaks that surrounded us – I want the kids to appreciate what an incredible place we live.

Our family of five stayed for two nights in Keystone, and went skiing and tubing. The skiing was an old favorite, the tubing a brand new adventure for all of us. I never knew a person could fly so fast down a mountain, unscathed! Tubing is definitely something we all want to do again soon.

Another reason we love Colorado… it’s dog country. Especially in and around the many ski resorts. Again, looking forward to the arrival of our first GDB puppy, I’m contemplating the dog-friendliness-factor everywhere we go. Yes, dogs are everywhere in the mountains. Even at the base of the slopes. Most on leashes, some not. Outdoor cafes, outdoor walking malls, parks. I was also much more observant this trip of people obviously traveling with their furry friends. I noticed many people walking dogs around the condo we stayed in – they may have been condo-owners, but maybe some of them were guests. Another thing I need to look into! Our family loves to take weekend trips to the mountains, and hopefully, we’ll figure out practical ways to have our puppy in tow.


  1. Welcome to the exciting world of blogging and puppy raising! I look forward to hearing about your experiences. A lot of puppy raisers seem to be students--so I'll be interested in your perspectives as a fellow mom. We've had Cabana for 3.5 months now (we're first time puppy raisers). It's not always easy (especially the first couple weeks), but definitely an awesome experience.

  2. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere. Good luck getting your puppy, that is so exciting!! Can't wait to hear all about him/her. :D