Thursday, March 26, 2009


We heard the news today... we will be receiving a yellow male lab, with the first name beginning with the letter "D." The photo we have in our profile is of a puppy we took care of for a weekend... can't wait to replace it with our own little guy!

Now that we've seen our names on the list, it really seems official. 3 weeks from today.. I feel like we should be getting ready?! We've done our research and have read the GDB manual almost cover to cover, have gone to every meeting since we started thinking about this, and puppy-sat many times. But I can't help thinking that there is more we should be doing to prepare... we'd love any advice for the beginners!

I understand that we are provided with the essentials (leashes, etc). I'm thinking about getting a dog bed this weekend, and maybe a few GD approved toys. Off to PetsMart!


  1. That is so exciting. I love getting my puppy assignments, it feels more official. :D Dog Toys are a lot cheaper from kings wholesale (website:
    Their prices are fair and shipping is VERY fast. As far as advice, take it slow, and be patient, the puppy is in a new place, with new people, and sounds and sights. Give the puppy time to adjust and don't smother the puppy too much in the beginning, it can be very overwhelming. I wouldn't be too worried it sounds like you will do great. Don't be afraid to call your leader for anything, that is what they are there for. Can't wait to "meet" Mr. D

  2. You're smart to be thinking about what you will need. We got our pup right before Christmas, and I think that contributed to my lack of preparedness. You'll need a food dish (stainless steel), and for toys, I'd recommend a puppy kong, puppy nylabone, and a rope pull toy. You might also want to think of a few places where you'll be able to attach a tie down. We also got a baby gate to keep the puppy from going upstairs or to keep her in the kitchen with me (or whatever room I was in that doesn't have a door). Our puppy leader brought over some grooming equipment for us to try so we could see what we liked--brush, nail clippers, shampoo, but you may want to ask your leader about those things before you purchase.

  3. I've found that Target and have cheaper nyla toys than the petco/petsmart. Pretty soon you'll have a toy in every color and shape. :)

    dog beds are cheap at costco. As newbies we paid $50 for a dog bed only to find more useful/comfortable beds at costco. All three dogs have preferred different brushes (zoom groom, shedding blade, and the furmantor)so you might see if anyone in your group has stuff you can try out 1st.

    I think the biggest adjustment you will need to be thinking about it the time issue. Add 20 mins to anything you do with the dog. It is like having a child, you need to feed, relieve and dress the dog, pack their food, toys, clean up bags ect.. then get yourself ready. Walking take s more time, either people will stop you or the dog will. It was 3 long weeks before Lani was able to make the walk from the parking structure to my office without stopping for a break. And it was raining during 1 of those weeks. And like Megan said you can't rush things, literally I learned to stop and smell the roses along with the pups.

    good luck

  4. How exciting. My family and I just got our first puppy about a month ago. We are having a blast. I agree about the added time for anything you do with the dog. Lots of new experiences for the us and the puppy! Have fun!!!

  5. Hi! My name is Emily and I am a teen puppy raiser for GDB currently raising my 3rd and 4th pups. Nothing can ever quite prepare you for the experience of raising a puppy--it's an emotional roller coaster, filled with ups and downs! But overall it's something you will never forget :) Make sure to take tons of pictures, and don't take time for granted, as it always manages to fly by! Before you know it they're a year old and you're counting down the days until recall.

    Good luck with you're new pup, and feel free to ask any questions!

  6. Oh you're in for one cute puppy. Mr. D is Avani's cousin as their dads are brothers (Bingham and Bosworth). We had the cutest little Bosworth puppy in my club just a bit ago. From what I heard, mother Lilo is VERY sweet too! :) Have fun and take LOTS of pictures!

  7. That is SO exciting. I loved hearing about Pantera and Cricket's puppy raiser's excitement and stories upon their arrivals. Look forward to hearing an update!

  8. We need an update!! Did you get your puppy yet?