Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello and Goodbye... and maybe hello again?

OK. So, I guess we're not good bloggers. But we've loved keeping up with other blogs from puppy raisers! We thought we'd say hello, give updates, and then wrap up this blog... maybe.

Yesterday, we picked up our next GDB puppy... and 9 week-old yellow lab. So, we may actually get back into blogging, but first, more about Dupree...

In looking at our past posts, I realized that I may not have mentioned that Dupree was a puppy who was assigned to a high-school student in Utah as part of a class program. We were to only have Dupree until the fall. Then he would move on to his next family. This student would finish up the raising phase, bring him to school, etc, until he was ready for his formal training.

Our time with Dupree was hard work, but very satisfying. He was an excellent traveller, so we were able to take our mountain trips all summer with him in tow. He never complained about the car trips, and was perfect in hotels. Fortunately, he was very happy in his crate, so hotel time was no problem.

Our biggest challenge with Dupree was his over-eagerness to greet everyone. He didn't have great leash manners, and was challenging to take on outings. Stores, restaurants, wherever people were, he couldn't wait to say hi. We never did resolve this, so I hope his new raiser is having better luck.

So we had to say goodbye to Dupree in September. Of course it was hard, but I knew he would be happy to be "doing" more. I can imagine him loving going to school everyday, being around kids all day, and taking it all in. With us, he didn't have these opportunities. As much as we miss him, I know he's having the time of his life. We haven't heard how he's doing, but we hope to someday hear from his current raiser.

Goodbye Dupree! We love you, and think about you often. Thanks for the puppy prints!