Sunday, March 15, 2009


This weekend we had the opportunity to puppy-sit a guide dog-in-training... a 9-month-old yellow lab. He has a very sweet personality and we had lots of fun with him. We really got a taste of what it'll be like to raise one of these pups on our own.

Here is the little guy, "T," hanging out in our family room getting used to his tie-down. Because he isn't used to being around kids and other animals, he was constantly picking up kid and dog toys. It was difficult to let him have much freedom, because we found we had to always dig things out of his mouth. So... we pretty much had to take turns holding on to his leash and learning to live one-handed!

We had fun taking "T" on many short walks, a few stores, and even church. He had a little trouble sitting through church, and started the "puppy-leash-biting" thing, wanting to play. We had to take him out because we couldn't get him calmed down.

Above is a photo of Leah with her current charge... Leah will be the main puppy-raiser in our family. I know she'll do great!

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  1. Ahh, he is very cute. I'm guessing he's a Tiburon and Anista puppy. So soon before you get your puppy!

    Well, I'm Anna and I'm raising GDB pup "Avani" - whose mother, "Bruna" I raised. She is my 5th puppy, and is now 5 months old. If you would like to read my blog just let me know, ( because it's private.