Thursday, June 11, 2009

Many, Many Firsts

Dupree has had so many "firsts" lately, I'm not sure where to begin... probably with getting his 4-month shots. That day really was a turning point for us, because it seemed to free us up - now we can take him out with us and not be so tied to the "no-more-than-two-hours-in-the-crate" rule. He was definitely ready... we think he was starting to get a little bored sitting around the house.

Dupree did great at the vet - he is such a people-loving dog, that anywhere that provides him with undivided attention is a great place in his world. He has so much extra skin, I don't think he even felt the shot. The trip was otherwise uneventful, other than the drive there with three kids and our 100-lb, manner less Bernese Mountain Dog, Clyde.

Dupree likes to puppy-play with Clyde. Clyde does not reciprocate. Clyde thinks Dupree is just plain annoying. So, we had no idea how the drive would go with the two of them together. The only reason we had Clyde with us at all was because the vet is close to my parents house, and Clyde was going there to spend the weekend.

The actual drive over went fine - we managed to keep them separated. Getting out of the car was another story. Trying to squeeze three kids and a puppy out of the van, with Clyde not taking no for an answer, was hilarious. The key was to make the door opening big enough for small children, but not big enough for Clyde. He was not happy.

After we got Clyde dropped off at Grandma and Grandpa's house, we went home to load up for a weekend in the mountains. Maybe that was a bit much for Dupree for his first outing, but it turned out great. He was an excellent traveller. YES! We are so relieved, because we love to take weekend-trips in the summer. Now we know Dupree will share our enthusiasm!

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